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TippedEars is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Your donation is tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.*


You can also send a check via mail to:

1835 Newport Blvd, Suite A-109 #785

Costa Mesa, CA 92627

*Please check with your CPA for your donation tax exempt eligibility

Two cute kittens who need spay/neuter
Hungry tom cat
Kitten with missing eye
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Where Does My Donation Go?

Below are just a few ways we use your donations! Even the smallest amount goes a long way!

Spay/Neuter Surgery

$125 - Spay/Neuter Surgey

Spay/neuter surgery ranges from free to $350 depending on the clinic that is available. By sponsoring a cat's spay/neuter, you have prevented hundreds of cats from being born!

Rescue Disinfectant

$60 - Rescue Disinfectant

Rescue is a veterinary-grade disinfectant we use to clean traps, holding areas, and other common items that could be contaminated. This disinfectant kills deadly diseases like panleukopenia.

Meow Mix

$20 - Bag of Dry Food

One bag of dry food helps colony feeders take care of their cats! It depends on how big their colony is to determine how long it lasts. Big colonies will go through 2 bags per day.

Cat Trap

$100 - Cat Trap

Cat traps are a necessity for humanely catching community cats! Without traps, we cannot do our work. It's recommended to have more traps than appointments so that you can find the best trapping location.

Puppy Pads

$30 - Puppy Pads

Puppy pads are used to put underneath traps so that when the cats need to urinate, it is quickly absorbed! This keeps the cats, transport vehicles, and the holding area clean.

Beach Towel

$10 - Towel

Towels are used to cover the trap once the cat is inside. This helps them feel calm and safe while in the trap. 

Cat Trapping Net

$90 - Cat Trapping Net

Sometimes a cat net is necessary to catch kittens who will not go into the trap. You can also snag them from harder to reach places and safely plop them into a carrier.

Fancy Feast

$25 - Case of Wet Food

A case of 30 cans of wet food can help us feed 8-10 cats during the trapping, holding, and recovery process! 

Microchip Scanner

$10 - Cat Microchip

Every cat in our care is microchipped to our organization. This ensures their safety if they are taken to a vet or shelter because it shows they are a claimed cat!

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